4 Factors For Getting The Right Person For The Right Job

This month’s Conversations With Leaders program was held March 11, 2010 with leadership expert, Robert H. Holland, CEO of Vistage Michigan, also known as part of Vistage International, a chief executive leadership and network organization.
The interview was full of rich content on how managers and executives in an organization must participate in the selection and hiring process to ensure the right candidate is selected for the right position.

Bob spoke about the four critical factors any hiring manager and their boss’s manager must consider in the candidates they are reviewing for an open position. The four factors are Experience, Talent, Culture and Time Span. Of these four factors, Time Span is the most critical and Experience the least critical. Bob’s provides a great overview of this concept in the interview. He also made some great recommendations on the preparation the management team must do to avoid the high costs of a poor fitting hire.

For a short time only, a complimentary replay of this interview is available – Hiring The Right Person

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