Rave Reviews from Women in Leadership:

“Susan, you changed my life! You assisted me in developing an action plan which focused on my top priority needs. I moved from being overwhelmed to being motivated and inspired. I am now moving into implementing my dream of owning and operating a successful business.”

Rose Rader, President and Co-Founder
The Humano Group

“The many tools I have used and the inspiring teleseminars I have attended from TheLeadershipResource.com has lead me to pursue my dream of owning my own company. I am now owner with a partner in a professional Staffing firm and am excited about the business I am building! I believe in the information provided by Susan and her team that I even refer my candidates here to build their leadership skills.”

Cynthia Swaintek, President
Swestek, LLC

More Rave Reviews from Business Leaders:

Rich shared with us that he received this feedback from his direct report:
“You seem so comfortable, it just seems to flow with the presentation.” Also, Rich said, “I have noticed that there has been more inclusion by senior management team in conversation; They sought my opinion. The Leadership and Resources Susan has provided is just the information I need to build my expertise.”

Richard Kavner, President
Marketing List Solutions

“I was overwhelmed with my business and personal commitments when I first met with Susan. I felt trapped by all of the tasks I had convinced myself that I had to do. Susan guided me through a process that enabled me to develop a plan to balance my life between work and family. She challenged me with thought provoking exercises providing feedback that allowed me to think and plan the steps necessary to achieve my goals. I have enjoyed her services and believe that coaching truly helped me to establish a schedule and formula for success in life. Susan has been a great motivator and an inspiring person.”

George Chene,
Engineering Manager / Aspiring Photographer