Sales Representative Opportunity

Sales Representative – Outdoor Power Equipment – Retail Sales

Our client is searching for a friendly, service-oriented Sales Representative. This position is a full-time opportunity in a growing, family-oriented organization, where they provide a great environment for their employees to succeed by having stable leadership, top brands, exceptional after-sale support, an experienced team and a terrific 67-year reputation. They are the foremost leader in their industry and need top Sales Representatives to serve their customers.

Key Responsibilities

  • Communication – Effectively communicating to homeowners and commercial customers the key features and benefits of our products.
  • People Skills – Building a strong customer base.
  • Sales Accountability – Consistent follow-up that creates predictable sales.

Key Attributes

  • Enjoys being part of the team working successfully with all residential and commercial customers.
  • Loves multitasking; able to handle a variety of assignments simultaneously.
  • Friendly, service-oriented, organized and ability to work toward goal achievement.

Key Requirements

  • Previous Sales Experience preferably in the capital equipment industry
  • Relevant educational background – Undergraduate degree, preferred

Work Details

  • Full time position up to 55 hours a week, Monday through Saturday; No work on Sundays
  • First year earning potential of $45,000 to $75,000
  • Medical, dental, life insurance, employer match 401(k) program and paid time off offered

Our client, Weingartz, is a retail dealer of high quality outdoor power equipment, which includes everything from chain saws to lawn tractors to 100-horsepower diesel tractors. Our customers include homeowners, landscapers, golf courses, cemeteries, rental yards and municipalities. Weingartz is a company that values employees and have many that have been with us for 20+ years. We are looking for honest, hard-working employees who can expect to be compensated according to their results. We have five locations in Michigan – Ann Arbor, Clarkston, Farmington Hills, Cedar Springs and Utica. We are an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer.

INTERESTED AND QUALIFIED applicants may send resumes to

Marketing Team Leader Opportunity

Marketing Team Leader Opportunity – Creative Hands On Role

Our client, a wholesale distributor of quality engine and outdoor power equipment parts is seeking an experienced, creative, service-oriented Marketing Team Leader. Our client strives to provide our customers with what they want, when they want it and how they want it. As the Marketing Team Leader you must have the ability to create fully integrated programs to help grow sales through creative promotions, advertising, informative newsletters, training and custom marketing materials.

Key Responsibilities

  • Oversee all marketing, advertising and promotional staff and activities.
  • Responsible for developing and maintaining marketing strategies in conjunction with sales department goals to meet agreed company objectives and ROI with a measurable plan.
  • Evaluate customer research, market conditions, competitor data and implement marketing plan alterations as needed.
  • Responsible to manage and deliver marketing activity within agreed budget.
  • Develop and implement a plan to push product, working with all departments for its execution.
  • Attend, participate, facilitate and present at networking events to promote dealer relationships.
  • Provide fanatical customer service working with customers,
  • Create, print and effectively utilize magazine/newspaper, brochure, flier, banner/sign and postcard in promotions.
  • Setup and manage Social Media, Catalogs, Programs, Trade Shows and Webinars.
  • Key Attributes

  • Marketing Skills – Enjoys researching ideas and applying creative techniques to deliver effective marketing campaigns
  • Leadership Accountability – demonstrates high level of professionalism
  • People Skills – Proactively establishes and maintains professional internal and external relationships aligned with company values.
  • Communication – Comfortable engaging and presenting to Customers, Dealers and Management.
  • Planning – Organizes, prioritizes and manages projects with ease to meet deadlines.
  • Written Communication – Keen attention to detail with strong writing, editing and proofreading skills
  • Key Requirements

  • 7-10 years of overall marketing experience.
  • Strong understanding of customer and market dynamics to meet requirements.
  • Proven ability to oversee all development and execution of marketing, advertising and promotional staff activities.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite, Outlook and Adobe Creative Suite – Photoshop and InDesign
  • Microsoft MapPoint, PosterShop and PrintShop Mail, preferred
  • Relevant educational background – Undergraduate degree, preferred
  • Work Details

  • Full time salaried position 40-45 hours a week, Monday through Friday
  • Medical, dental, life insurance, employer match 401(k) program and paid time off offered
  • Position is located in Richmond, Michigan on 32 Mile Road
  • This is a wonderful leadership development opportunity to take charge of a small marketing department and grow the team as the services provided grows under your expertise.

    Our client, Power Equipment Distributors is a family owned distributor of premium outdoor power equipment and parts to dealers throughout Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Missouri and Wisconsin. “Our mission is to be your best source of outdoor power equipment and parts, always keeping dealer profitability a priority.” We work together with our dealers to provide individualized, fanatical customer service. We strive to provide our customers with what they want, when they want it and how they want it. INTERESTED, CUSTOMER-FOCUSED AND QUALIFIED applicants may send resumes to

    Team Leader Growth Opportunity

    Insurance Claims Team Leader – Closed April 2013

    Our client specializes in the coordination of specialty auto glass claims. With an entrepreneurial spirit, the company welcomes fresh ideas, values diversity and thrives on creativity. Being entrepreneurial, change is frequent, challenges abound and innovation is constant. Empowering people to take the initiative to serve our customers is one of their core values. Our client is growing and is looking to fill an opening for a Team Leader. This position will be responsible for the daily metrics, training and improvement of our claim process and effectiveness of our claim coordinators. The Insurance Claims Team Leader will be responsible for the achievement of results and delivery of excellent customer service within the Claims Management Center. This is a growth opportunity to build a small call center in Troy, MI.

    Key Responsibilities

    • Manages and motivates a team of insurance claim representatives to promote a team environment and use of best practices.
    • Directs and monitors adequate staffing levels to meet quality and budget standards.
    • Develops, implements and measures team and individual performance standards.
    • Coaches employees with regard to quality, reliability, accountability, and productivity.
    • Manages and satisfies resolution of escalated claims.
    • Conducts daily team meetings to discuss current production issues.
    • Monitors employee calls and conducts client monitoring and quality assurance collaboration sessions.
    • Assists with recruitment and interviewing of claim representatives.

    Key Attributes:

    • Ability to multi-task and enjoys working in a fast-paced environment.
    • Ability to analyze data, recommend and implement a course of action for improved results
    • Ability to inspire and motivate team members to work together to achieve desired results.
    • Ability to work independently with little supervision.

    Key Requirements:

    • High School Diploma or GED, Bachelor’s Degree is preferred.
    • A minimum of 2 years of call center/customer service team leader experience in an insurance claims, automotive repair, manufacturing or related setting.
    • Demonstrated experience analyzing and resolving customer service and client issues.
    • Thorough understanding of Call Center Operations, principles and metrics.
    • High level of computer literacy including strong Microsoft Excel skills.

    Our client will provide a competitive compensation and benefits package to the candidate selected. Interested candidates should submit their resumes via email to Andrea Walz,
    Email Andrea at – that is .co not .com

    We look forward to your resume submission.

    Leader Self Reflection

    Leadership Awareness and Leadership Feedback were two of the topics I spoke on this month to a local Community Hospital’s management team. The session was focused on a leaders own willingness to look in the mirror at how they are influencing the team and what impact are they making. Harvard Business School Professor Robert S. Kaplan speaks about Leadership Awareness in this short clip – What To Ask The Person In The Mirror.

    Nourishing Yourself

    Food is my life!

    I’ve been interested in food as far back as I can remember. I took a special interest in it when I decided to stay home for 3 years to nurture our 2 very young children. That is not when I started reading ingredients. It is however when I started paying attention to them though. It’s one thing to put msg into a 165 lb grown man and another thing to feed it to a 20 some pounder who isn’t yet 3 and is growing a brain at a tremedous rate. I don’t have much of a chemistry background so I used a simple guideline. If it doesn’t sound like food, it probably isn’t.

    Susan, our leader, the Grand Poobah of Compassionate Leadership knows this about me and asked me to write something about the Standard American Diet (SAD). It has proven to be quite difficult. I will be happy to make a few installments on this vast topic Americans are showing more and more interest in. Should I talk about what’s in the food, or what’s not in the food? Do Americans just eat what tastes good, or something that’s ready now? We are a group on the go. No doubt about it. The traditional sit down together at a table of home cooked food where we learned the family’s daily happenings like why Dave got in trouble at school or more interesting stuff like what time our big sister got home last night and what was she doing anyway, is getting rare.

    I can say eat this, don’t eat that but you can get that at the checkout line. I want to offer guidelines for nourishing yourself and loved ones by making wise choices when selecting food. Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad. Food selections are ever changing. When they market something as “Old fashioned recipe”, or “Homecooked, it’s just marketing. Mom or Grandma never put polyglycerol esters or carboxymethyl cellulose in anything! Not on purpose anyway. I’m pretty sure they never shook a little disodium guanylate to enhance flavor in anything either. Watch closely with compassion for your body what you allow into your stomach. You consist of that which you subsist on!

    You are what you eat. There is a reason you feel good after a good meal. Good food nourishes. Quality food satisfies. You can eat less and feel satisfied. We can all stand to eat a little less. You’ll find it really doesn’t cost more if you do your accounting right. Don’t put substandard fuel in your vehicle. You may find yourself stalled out on the side of the road. How much will that cost you? You can’t grow a strong back on Twinkies. Do they even make them anymore? Put some effort into your meals. Strive for food that is nutrient dense.

    Don’t be nutritionally dense! Ignore the processed industrial stuff. Go for the stuff that has no list of ingredients, like a cucumber. There is so much more to say but this is a start. What I want you to remember, with all this being said, and all you read, eating should be enjoyable. Trust your instincts. Spend a little time in the kitchen. You will get better and faster. It’s actually faster than going out to eat once you get the hang of it, and way cheaper.

    Bon appetit,
    Steve De.

    You may hear it is a noble challenge to feed the 7 billion people in this world. Industrial agriculture is necessary. Consider this from The National Geographic; If you threw a party and wanted to invite 7 billion people and wanted to give them enough room to dance. You could give everyone 6 square feet and still fit all 7 billion people in the state of Rhode Island. That leaves a lot of space for growing groceries doesn’t it.

    Feeding the world’s hungry is not about coming up with enough food. It is about getting it to the people.

    Stretch To Reduce Stress

    Simple Stretches
    By Steve DeLongchamp

    The best to you who strive to improve. You are already leaders.

    We are at a time when we need vital, strong, healthy leaders, leaders of all types, in all walks of life, and especially all ages. When I’m running a big job my biggest challenge is leaving the stress from my job at work. We all get rattled. We all have days when our biorhythms are down, and we get up and go anyway. Leadership is about handling stressful situations and moving forward. “Shedding the effects of stress” is today’s wellness tip. Some simple stretches are invaluable and quick.

    Because a body in motion tends to stay in motion, we have to act on our body which is at rest every morning and put it in motion as part of our daily preparation. What do you do to get yourself in motion? After you get your 7-8 hours of peaceful sleep. Right! Nod your head and say uhuh. Let’s leave that for another day. This is not my healthy wealthy and wise lecture. This is my object in motion message. Whatever you do to get out of bed, do that, and tomorrow squeeze in a two minute routine, 4 easy stretches. Just as breakfast sets the pace of your metabolism each day, a few nonconfrontational stretches will be your neurowakening. You know, wake your muscles up, get the blood pumping, oxygenation, all that. I usually get a great yawn out of it too.

    Bob and Jean Anderson wrote a book called, “Stretching”. It is one of the most popular fitness books of all time. It’s been translated into 27 languages, probably more by now. In the introduction Bob points out many of the benefits of stretching. Part of what he says is, “Millions of people have discovered the benefits of movement… Many recent studies have shown that active people lead fuller lives. They have more stamina, resist illness,and stay trim. They have more self confidence, are less depressed, and often, even late in life are still working energetically on new projects”. There you have it. That’s you right?

    It’s a great book to have. A nice gift for the person who has everything. He even puts together groups of stretches for specific activities.

    Here’s a routine I use. I got it from a doctor years ago. I love it. If you’re not already a stretcher, do the first four. You will like the way you feel. Stretching Routine for Relaxation

    Please understand, stretching is done to your comfort level. Pain means something is wrong. It’s an ingenious signaling device isn’t it? Pushing to get more out of a stretch is good. It moves you forward. If you start to feel pain back off. Ease into it. Do not bounce into a stretch. It could cause damage. Just press and hold and breath. Remember. Wellness is measured by the abundance of vitality!

    Leadership Wellness Essentials

    Leadership Wellness – how would you rate your well being? The well being of your employees?

    Last year I became certified as a coach in Vital Wellness – wahoo! It was a valuable program, very interactive and I learned valuable insights into my own well being as well as how to coach others to improve theirs. I have been intrigued by this subject for many years as I have seen so many folks deal with the effects of stress. Stress from the job, loss of a job, family issues and physical concerns. I, too, have felt the stressors of a down economy, the loss of a family member to cancer and building my business.

    Because I want people to enjoy their lives completely and fully, I have added a brand new section to this site on Leadership Wellness. It is my desire to share expert author insights, resources and tools that you can use to improve your own wellness and those around you. Take a moment to find or enhance your own well being!

    New HR Generalist Opportunity

    Professional Opportunity – HR Associate

    The HR consulting firm I am collaborating with, Management Impact, LLC is seeking experienced candidates to serve as HR Associates in support of onsite assignments and project work for our varied client base. We are growing quickly and have opportunities for HR professionals who are interested in working with us as independent contractors on projects representing one to four days of work per week.

    Key Responsibilities

  • Apply HR knowledge and expertise to support client HR needs.
  • Review and recommend improvements to client HR activities.
  • Define and deliver necessary actions on HR related issues and projects.
  • Advise client regarding HR policies, procedures and compliance to Local, State and Federal employment law.
  • Key Attributes

  • Knowledge and experience in employee relations, conflict resolution, HR Law, and a general understanding of the recruitment process.
  • Orientation towards hands on, yet big picture focus with clients.
  • Building relationships and providing responsive customer service.
  • Highly articulate, personable, and collaborative in nature.
  • Comfortable in an independent, consultative environment.
  • Key Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources or related degree.
  • Minimum five-year HR experience.
  • PHR or SPHR certification preferred.
  • Advanced user Microsoft Office Suite.
  • Proven business acumen.
  • For further information or to submit your resume contact Management-Impact, Attn: Rowland Austin, by email: All inquiries are treated in a highly confidential manner.

    New Leadership Opportunities

    New job opportunities are available at our clients!

    Take a look at positions open in Michigan – Leadership Opportunities.

    In collaboration with Management Impact, LLC, I am delighted to share these kind of opportunities that are opening up with our clients that are growing and expanding here in metro Detroit. Please take a look for yourself or please pass on to anyone you might know who may be interested.

    Influence on a Team

    Team Building: Power and Influence Within a Team

    Every professional must master the skill of building and working within a team structure. It may be a permanent team of people or a temporary team brought together for a specific project or activity. In either case, your ability to lead a team and produce results is a critical part of your career success.

    Your power and influence within a team does not come from your title, your position, or your seniority. It comes from your leadership skills and your team building skills. Without these, you will struggle to get the performance you need from the group.

    Team building for permanent teams

    The strategy for team building with a permanent group involves ongoing, daily effort and long-term oversight. As the team leader, you are responsible for building and maintaining an environment where each team member feels valued, respected, and fulfilled. This is a difficult job because inevitably your team is composed of different personalities, different work styles, and different ideas.

    Let’s say you have been appointed team leader for an established group whose previous team leader is no longer there. This puts you in a position of coming into a group that is accustomed to a pattern of working together and probably sees you as a potential disruption to that comfortable pattern. Here are some tips for establishing your leadership in situations such as this.

    1. Listen. Make a point of listening to the team members, individually and collectively. Give them an opportunity to tell you about themselves, both professionally and personally. Don’t make judgements based on hearsay or third party talk.
    2. Observe. Watch how the team interacts with each other and with other people. See who tends to step forward quickly and who tends to hang back. Look for the person who others turn to for advice, guidance, and implicit leadership.
    3. Expect. Even as you are listening and observing, set clear expectations for the team. Make sure they know what you expect from them in terms of communication, problem solving, performance and responsibility. This does not mean giving orders that are to be obeyed; it means laying out clear guidelines for behaviors and actions, and then modelling those behaviors and actions yourself.
    4. Lead. This is a very small word with very big implications. To lead is to coach, guide, influence, decide, delegate, model, plan, implement, discipline, develop, and direct, just to name a few things. The leadership strategies you use will depend on the nature of the team, but you can be sure that if you don’t step forward and lead then someone else will. Be the leader so that you will be seen as the leader.

    Team Building For Temporary Teams

    Temporary teams may form for many reasons. There may be a specific project, a nagging problem, or planning and evaluation to be completed. Whatever the reason, team building and leadership of a temporary team have all of the same challenges discussed in the previous section plus many others. Your leadership task is to build a successful team in a situation where there may be time constraints, budget constraints, resource constraints, or institutional constraints.

    Successful team building in these situations requires you to listen, observe, expect and lead more quickly and more effectively than ever before. Remember that team members may have another primary job in addition to serving on the team, so be sure to set expectations that are both firm and realistic. Be an advocate for your team members and foster positive team dynamics so that the group will attain success.