Be A Leader – Hold Yourself To A Higher Standard – Reason #85

Reason #85 out of my leadership ebook, 101 Reasons To Be A Passionate Leader: Why Developing Your Leadership Is Critical Today! is one of my favorites. And represents a necessary leadership competency that can be challenging pushing leadership development to the uncomfortable zone.

C.K. Prahalad, Distinguished Professor of Strategy at the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business shares the following with his MBA and executive education participants:

“…Managers must remember that they are the custodians of society’s most powerful institutions. They must therefore hold themselves to a higher standard. Managers must strive to achieve success with responsibility.”

Here are a few of his remarks:
• Be concerned about due process. People seek fairness – not favors. They want to be heard.
• Learn to relate to those who are less fortunate.
• Expect to be judged by what you do and how well you do it – not by what you day you want to do.

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