Sales Representative Opportunity

Sales Representative – Outdoor Power Equipment – Retail Sales

Our client is searching for a friendly, service-oriented Sales Representative. This position is a full-time opportunity in a growing, family-oriented organization, where they provide a great environment for their employees to succeed by having stable leadership, top brands, exceptional after-sale support, an experienced team and a terrific 67-year reputation. They are the foremost leader in their industry and need top Sales Representatives to serve their customers.

Key Responsibilities

  • Communication – Effectively communicating to homeowners and commercial customers the key features and benefits of our products.
  • People Skills – Building a strong customer base.
  • Sales Accountability – Consistent follow-up that creates predictable sales.

Key Attributes

  • Enjoys being part of the team working successfully with all residential and commercial customers.
  • Loves multitasking; able to handle a variety of assignments simultaneously.
  • Friendly, service-oriented, organized and ability to work toward goal achievement.

Key Requirements

  • Previous Sales Experience preferably in the capital equipment industry
  • Relevant educational background – Undergraduate degree, preferred

Work Details

  • Full time position up to 55 hours a week, Monday through Saturday; No work on Sundays
  • First year earning potential of $45,000 to $75,000
  • Medical, dental, life insurance, employer match 401(k) program and paid time off offered

Our client, Weingartz, is a retail dealer of high quality outdoor power equipment, which includes everything from chain saws to lawn tractors to 100-horsepower diesel tractors. Our customers include homeowners, landscapers, golf courses, cemeteries, rental yards and municipalities. Weingartz is a company that values employees and have many that have been with us for 20+ years. We are looking for honest, hard-working employees who can expect to be compensated according to their results. We have five locations in Michigan – Ann Arbor, Clarkston, Farmington Hills, Cedar Springs and Utica. We are an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer.

INTERESTED AND QUALIFIED applicants may send resumes to

Marketing Team Leader Opportunity

Marketing Team Leader Opportunity – Creative Hands On Role

Our client, a wholesale distributor of quality engine and outdoor power equipment parts is seeking an experienced, creative, service-oriented Marketing Team Leader. Our client strives to provide our customers with what they want, when they want it and how they want it. As the Marketing Team Leader you must have the ability to create fully integrated programs to help grow sales through creative promotions, advertising, informative newsletters, training and custom marketing materials.

Key Responsibilities

  • Oversee all marketing, advertising and promotional staff and activities.
  • Responsible for developing and maintaining marketing strategies in conjunction with sales department goals to meet agreed company objectives and ROI with a measurable plan.
  • Evaluate customer research, market conditions, competitor data and implement marketing plan alterations as needed.
  • Responsible to manage and deliver marketing activity within agreed budget.
  • Develop and implement a plan to push product, working with all departments for its execution.
  • Attend, participate, facilitate and present at networking events to promote dealer relationships.
  • Provide fanatical customer service working with customers,
  • Create, print and effectively utilize magazine/newspaper, brochure, flier, banner/sign and postcard in promotions.
  • Setup and manage Social Media, Catalogs, Programs, Trade Shows and Webinars.
  • Key Attributes

  • Marketing Skills – Enjoys researching ideas and applying creative techniques to deliver effective marketing campaigns
  • Leadership Accountability – demonstrates high level of professionalism
  • People Skills – Proactively establishes and maintains professional internal and external relationships aligned with company values.
  • Communication – Comfortable engaging and presenting to Customers, Dealers and Management.
  • Planning – Organizes, prioritizes and manages projects with ease to meet deadlines.
  • Written Communication – Keen attention to detail with strong writing, editing and proofreading skills
  • Key Requirements

  • 7-10 years of overall marketing experience.
  • Strong understanding of customer and market dynamics to meet requirements.
  • Proven ability to oversee all development and execution of marketing, advertising and promotional staff activities.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite, Outlook and Adobe Creative Suite – Photoshop and InDesign
  • Microsoft MapPoint, PosterShop and PrintShop Mail, preferred
  • Relevant educational background – Undergraduate degree, preferred
  • Work Details

  • Full time salaried position 40-45 hours a week, Monday through Friday
  • Medical, dental, life insurance, employer match 401(k) program and paid time off offered
  • Position is located in Richmond, Michigan on 32 Mile Road
  • This is a wonderful leadership development opportunity to take charge of a small marketing department and grow the team as the services provided grows under your expertise.

    Our client, Power Equipment Distributors is a family owned distributor of premium outdoor power equipment and parts to dealers throughout Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Missouri and Wisconsin. “Our mission is to be your best source of outdoor power equipment and parts, always keeping dealer profitability a priority.” We work together with our dealers to provide individualized, fanatical customer service. We strive to provide our customers with what they want, when they want it and how they want it. INTERESTED, CUSTOMER-FOCUSED AND QUALIFIED applicants may send resumes to

    Lessons in Non-Verbal Communication

    Equine Assisted Learning – Lessons in Non-Verbal Communication
    By Julia M. Coleman

     “Our mission is to bring horses and humans together to increase awareness,
    understanding, and empathy reaching toward developing healthy relationships.”  
    – Kaleidoscope Learning Center, LLC 

    Dr. Tracy Weber, founder of KLC, invited a select group of executives out to her Birch Run, Michigan farm to encounter first hand, the interesting dynamic on display in this one-of-a-kind experiential education experience.  Dr. Weber, along with her herd, has created an opportunity for humans to explore their leadership and communication styles in an environment that removes all the usual props.    In fact, the “props” in use at KLC are not props at all but interactive partners – i.e. horses.  After years of intense Masters and Doctorate study, Dr. Weber has developed an Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) environment that partners horses with humans in the never-ending quest to realize our full potential. 

    EAL uses horses as facilitators allowing humans to learn more about their own style by interpreting the feedback they receive during various equine interactions.  They are essentially basic, honest and authentic in their human encounters. 

    “Horses offer a genuine interpretation of reality, not as we wish it to be, but rather, as it is, without bias, manipulation, or hidden human agendas,” offers Dr. Weber.  They have no career plans of their own, and they bring no emotional baggage to these encounters that might influence their interpretation of the day’s events, unlike their human counterparts.  So the human participants must become keenly aware of how to communicate plans and instructions to creatures that define success as “readily available hay and water”. 

    Our first quick group exercise was simply to enter the field where the Kaleidoscope horses were quietly grazing and, without speaking, begin to interact with the horses.  We could not verbally communicate with the horses, nor could we speak to each other.  As we entered the paddock, the curious horses approached.   The six Kaleidoscope trainers included an enormous grey draft mare, some adult geldings and mares, and two knee-high miniature horses.  

    Horses are reactive and their innate sensitivities are used at KLC to mirror the human participants’ aura.  As the equines approached, their behavior reflected the attitude that each of the human participants were conveying.  Without uttering a word, it was clear who was comfortable being around these gentle giants and who was cautious and who was afraid.  The horses briefly investigated each participant, but intuitively gravitated toward those who welcomed the quiet physical interaction with them. 

    Other exercises followed, including one requiring us to devise a plan and elicit cooperation from our herd as well as each other.  We were allowed just a few short minutes to plan together as a team, but once we were “on the clock” there was no more speaking allowed without a consequence.    Again, the challenge was to interact with the horses and each other – nonverbally – in order to achieve success.  

    Most humans in leadership positions are quite comfortable with directing others with instructions, exhortations, and admonishments – all done with the complementary voice inflection that supports that notion.  This exercise was particularly effective in demonstrating how we might need to take more non-verbal cues once we return to our respective work environments.  Leadership is not all talk!  It does include cooperative non-verbal communication as well.  The four-legged facilitators at KLC, with their straightforward sensitivities, made us acutely aware of how critical non-verbal communication can be.  Some studies have suggested that our human communication is as much as 90% non-verbal.

    Dr. Weber fashioned her EAL program as an interactive learning experience – learning by doing, with reflection afterward.  The professional programs offered at KLC can help identify the gap between intent and result that nearly all of us encounter in the workplace.  It is difficult, if not counter productive, to demand cooperation from creatures who outweigh us and can outrun us.  It is far more rewarding to affect a desired outcome via meaningful interaction within the confines of the team.  The same guiding principles can and should be applied in our corporate environments.  Dr. Weber and her horses will happily assist you in conveying this to your work team. 

    For more information about Kaleidoscope Learning Center, Dr. Tracy Weber, and Equine Assisted Learning, please visit:

    Put Her Shoes On

    One of the things I do when I know I will have a difficult conversation with someone, I will try to look at the situation from their point of view. I “put her shoes on.”

    By doing this, it helps to ease my own emotion around the situation. I begin to look at the scenario as an observer. By “putting her shoes on” I can begin to look at all the different points of view. This process assists me in identifying what may happen, what may be said and I feel more prepared knowing what may come up and how I can then respond effectively.


    There is no doubt that communication is perhaps one of the most essential skills that a person needs in her life. And although all of us do communicate (we read, write, speak, and listen), not many of us do well in all areas. And good communication – that is the very key to powerful leadership.

    My leadership effectiveness gained momentum when I learned how to listen. I learned that when I communicate, I must be clear about how my communication is being heard by the recipient. What I mean is that I want the person I am speaking to, to really understand the meaning or intention of my message. I take the time to ensure that the level of clarity I want to achieve is actually happening.

    Stephen Covey, who in his book The 8th Habit: From Effectiveness to Greatness, writes:

    Communication is without question the most important skill in life. There are basically four modes of communication: reading, writing, speaking, and listening. And most people spend two-thirds to three-fourths of their waking hours doing those four things. Of those four communication modes, the one that represents 40 to 50 percent of our communication time is listening – the one mode we have had the least training in.

    By improving all these four types of communication modes with an emphasis on listening, you can take your leadership to a whole new level.

    To communicate well, it is important that you pay attention to each and every aspect of communicating. Speaking all the time, without listening to what others have to say, will neither make you very popular, nor a good leader. On the other hand, simply listening to what people around you are saying but not speaking up and giving your input will also not make you a good leader. The key is in learning how to develop your communication skills so that you speak when necessary and listen keenly.

    When speaking with your employees or others who look to you for leadership, you should talk clearly and simply. Avoid using too many complicated terms or technical jargon as this is only going to end up confusing your listeners, which could cause your message to be lost. I often ask others to tell me what they just heard to ensure that the intention of my communication is understood.

    However, in trying to communicate and speak well, you should not forget that talking is only one aspect of good communications. The other aspect, and arguably the more important one, is listening. According to leaders who are at the top of their field, listening is absolutely vital in order to understand and to be understood. When you listen to what people are saying (not simply “hear” them, but actually “listen”), you obtain a higher level of awareness about the other person. Clarity of communication by the one who is speaking and the one who is listening is the responsibility of both parties. Learn to do both well and ensure that others do so also and you will augment your leadership power.

    When listening to people, it is essential that you hear not just what they are saying, but also what they are asking. People will not come right out and ask you to respect them, or to appreciate their work, or perhaps be a friend to them, or simply crack a smile at their jokes. By listening well, asking for clarity, and ensuring that you understand what others are saying will give you a much stronger position to relate with them. Be careful not to add your own perceptions to the message being presented, ask for clarification. If you listen properly, you will be able to adjust to what the situation demands, and will hence find yourself at the right place at all times. Listen for the opportunity to contribute to others.

    Family Leadership Program Launched

    Many of you know how passionate I am about developing leaders. I am so delighted to be launching my new program that focuses on Family Leadership! Imagine creating a Family Board where you and your children discover how to:

    • Energize the family around a vision
    • Establish a structure for communication, sharing and action
    • Empower children to be accountable for money: generating, spending, saving and investing
    • Align communication for influencing positive behaviors
    • Recognize and celebrate important transitions
    • Introduce tools for financial freedom and wealth creation

    This is the same process I used with my own family and we have been holding our Family Board meetings since 2002. The results I have experienced… have given our sons a strong foundation for their futures. They are independent and successful young men achieving their goals. We all gained more from our Family Boardroom experience than we imagined! Please check out my newest program by visiting