How to get Free Leadership Development and Training

Volunteering is a very effective way to grow your leadership skills. When I look back over my professional life, I found that participating in different organizations and associations allowed me the opportunity to step out and try to lead. Charity organizations and associations are always looking for people who want to step up to leadership positions.

The time it takes for volunteering can be a big commitment, however the rewards in hands on leadership learning are very valuable. I joined the Business and Professional Women’s organization for networking opportunities and soon found myself nominated for Treasurer and then President. This was a friendly group for me to learn how to facilitate a meeting, organize and manage chairpersons and events, set objectives, etc. I found many mentors in the group who were willing to give me guidance, who wanted to see me succeed.

Today I continue to volunteer. I am an Executive Advisor to the Board for the Automotive Women’s Alliance Foundation. I love being able to help others try their leadership wings.

I encourage you to find an organization which represents something you love and join. Sign up to be a chair of a committee, to be a officer… You will find the experience priceless!

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