It Makes Me Mad When…

Professional Womanby Susan West
Have you ever had a great thought or idea and then could not remember it a few days later? I have. And does it ever make me mad when I cannot remember a moment of my own brilliance. Funny how we have things come into our mind unexpectedly and they make perfect sense or raise a curiosity. Some of greatest leaders, philosophers have referred to their notes, journals, diaries for information that lead to a significant event.

Do you use a planner, a daily calendar, a task list? Whatever you use, find a place where you can jot down your ideas as they come to you. I have a journal I carry with me in my briefcase everyday. I use it for many things: 1) My vision and values are written down so I can refer to them daily, 2) My goals are documented, 3) I write down what I am grateful for, 4) I write down my reflections, observations, learnings of the moment, day, or week, and 5) I jot down my ideas. In the back of my journal I have a few pages reserved just for the purpose of capturing an idea, phrase, question, etc. that I would like to review later. In this area, I also write down a book, website or a movie that someone recommends to me.

Get a journal, a notebook or find a place in your planner to capture those unexpectedly brilliant thoughts in the moment they come to you. Do not let it get away. You will be amazed at what a valuable resource this becomes for you and for others. Although, at first glance, this suggestion may seem strange, I encourage your to give your ideas away to your team members. It is so empowering to watch your team members take ownership in an idea’s
development and ultimate delivery. An idea needs to be acted on to become reality. And as the saying goes, “all good things take time.” An idea will not become reality before its time. Yet we can be ready… Get a journal Capture your ideas Give an idea away Watch your idea unfold Begin again.

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