It’s All About People…

 by Susan West

Leading, being a good leader, is all about how you relate to
people. You must be aware of your attitude toward your
relationship with people. One of the direct connections to
leading well is dealing with people well. As a leader, you will
Professional Woman
=> Hire people
=> Place people in the right positions
=> Move people out of the wrong positions
=> Learn people’s unique individuality – family, hobbies, etc
=> Tell people the expectations of what needs to be done and why
=> Prepare people with training
=> Give people the space to do the job
=> Assist people by listening and removing obstacles
=> Assess people providing feedback
=> Acknowledge people in public and in private

How the people are doing is a direct reflection of how well the
leader is relating to people. The organization is a reflection of
how well the leader is doing. Someone once shared with me a
statement I have never forgotten:

“I have taught everyone how to interact with me by how I interact
with others.”

How well the leader handles the leadership actions of hiring,
placing, moving, telling, preparing, giving, assisting, assessing
and acknowledging people will determine who the people respond
and deliver.

And Thomas Jefferson said, “Nothing gives one person so much
advantage over another as to remain cool and unruffled under all

Be aware of how you are relating to others. Leaders know
themselves well. They know what their hot buttons are, the ones
that can trigger anger, frustration, panic. An angry person loses
credibility. Reflect on how as a leader you will have to interact
with people and work hard to ensure that the connection you make
with someone is a worthwhile and contributes to the relationship.

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