Leadership Development: Downtime

Here I am in beautiful Breckenridge, Colorado. The sun has been shining, the mountains are in the background and I am surrounded by good people. What’s not to like.

It is always fun (and more than necessary) to get out of the ordinary day to day operations. I find it very refreshing to get out of my normal environment – it stretches me to change a routine, to observe things in new places and have conversations with new people.

A little downtime now and again can really rejuvenate me. I can use some quiet time to think – no tv, minimal cell phone conversations and little computer work. It makes for my mind to settle.

The place I am at is called the Entreprenuer’s Retreat. A place for entreprenuers to come and share their ideas and gain new insights. Here is a picture of me out on the deck of this peaceful setting with those Rockie Mountains in the background.

Plan a little downtime for yourself and see how rejuvenated you can feel.

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