Paul Zane Pilzer

Paul Zane Pilzer is a name that many independent contractors will recognize because he is the Dale Carnegie of this day and age. Meaning, that just like Dale Carnegie, Pilzer has been a leader many direct marketers look to for advice and support over the past few years. Pilzer is known throughout the world as an economist who has the unsurpassed ability to look into the future and predict business milestones with authoritative and accurate predictions. Seven best sellers are just part of the appeal to Paul Zane Pilzer as an author; the other part is the fact that he is the poster boy for likeability.

Paul Zane Pilzer completed college in three years and received his MBA in just a short fifteen months. Pilzer’s successes in his very flamboyant career include becoming a Citibank officer at the age of 22 , beginning a very long 20 year career at age 24 as a professor at New York University, becoming a millionaire before age 26 and a multi-millionaire prior to turning 30 years old.

The leadership of Paul Zane Pilzer has been quite evident as he has served two presidential administrations as an economic advisor. Paul Zane Pilzer has been one of the most accurate economists to ever live and his predictions are humbling. The books that Pilzer chooses to put his name on have been books explaining everything from the theology of economics to technology. His work as an author is mind-boggling.

Paul Zane Pilzer is quoted frequently by companies who are actively promoting health and wellness. For example, Fruta Vida International, a company which promotes health and wellness through the consumption of a juice combination of acai berry and yerba mate tea, explains their success to their new members with constant reminders from Paul Zane Pilzer’s Wellness Revolution.

Fruta Vida International is not the only network marketing company or direct sales oriented company to uphold the words of Pilzer. The Wellness Revolution and The Next Millionaires both written by Paul Zane Pilzer, explain why the wellness revolution is becoming the new place to invest and how the economy is going to allow one million new millionaires per year to emerge between 2006-2016. Pilzer is even going one step further in stating how average people can be one of these millionaires. Pilzer predicts that the wellness industry is going to exceed the healthcare industry and goes on to state in The Next Trillion how that is going to happen and why the next trillion is going to be made in the wellness industry.

A family man, much of the appeal Paul Zane Pilzer owns is the fact that he is loyal to his wife and four children and enjoys a very simple lifestyle of snowboarding and other family-oriented activities while enjoying the simple things in life living in Utah.

Even as Paul Zane Pilzer sits at home matching wits in a game of chess with a family member, he is touching the lives of many individuals through his books and audio-tapes. Pilzer continues to show the world why his leadership is needed and why many people rely on his advice. He has become a source of very reliable information when the subject at hand is or involves money or economics.


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