Ten Characteristics of a True Leader

Ten Characteristics of A True Leader

by Susan West

To really display true and passionate leadership, here are ten characteristics leaders should strive to consistently demonstrate.

1. Humble

Knows strengths as well as weaknesses; Allows for team members to compliment her weaknesses by utilizing their strengths

2. Honest

Direct in communication and does not lie; provides enough information for listener to understand communication

3. People-oriented

Earns respect and gives genuine respect to others; understands there are different points of view

4. Decision maker

Takes risk; Is willing to be courageous in what she stands for and makes decisions based on her values

5. Communicates well

Speaks clearly and ensures others heard the communication recognizing that others may agree or disagree with the content of the communication; listens for understanding and clarity

6. Follows and Leads

Is willing and able to cooperate and contribute as a team member giving up the lead; Is willing and able to step into Leadership when the opportunity presents itself

7. Embraces Leadership

Accepts responsibility, accountability, authority

8. Visionary

Creates and promotes a higher cause vision; Demonstrates persistence, tenacity and staying in action to support the vision

9. Problem solvers

Generates and utilizes ideas; very resourceful in seeking out solutions

10. Optimistic

Has an attitude of success expectancy; enjoys and engages a sense of humor and lightheartedness

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