The Value of Leadership at Home

by Susan West

Share your leadership strengths at home! One of the best things I ever did was to share with my two young sons, the leadership roles that I held. I remember clearly one evening driving home with my young boys after they had spent the evening with their Grandmother because I had attended an evening meeting. They asked me why I had to go to a meeting. I realized that I had not shared very much with them about the organization I was involved with. So, I went on to tell them that I was President of the group and that I had a lot of people depending on me. I was very surprised at their reaction – “Wow Mom, you’re a President? Like the President of the United States?” I said yes and then told them more about the group.

My sons were proud of me and began to see their Mom in a new light. By sharing my volunteer events with them in that ride home, we both learned more. I realized how much my young sons could comprehend and appreciate. They learned more about the opportunities available, about volunteering and the many roles I played beyond being their Mom. It opened the communication lines in a whole new way.

Bringing your leadership into the home can be valuable in other ways. I often share information about training I have had at work, how I facilitated an event or managed a project. This provides an opportunity for my sons to ask questions and learn more about business. Many times I bring home team building exercises for us to do as a family. I have also had them take a self assessment. Then we all discuss how we are different, what are strengths are, and how we are contributing to the family. Because my family is very open, our discussions were at times very humbling!

The take away of bringing your leadership skills into your home can be invaluable for you and your family. Give it a try!

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