Values: Defining Your Leadership Values

A person who knows her own values, beliefs, and principles is much more likely to be a good leader than someone who does not know herself or chooses to remain blind to her ethics and values. This tip will outline how self-knowledge can take you on the path to great leadership.

Simply defined, leadership is all about building strong and loyal followers. To be a good leader, you need to have people who follow your lead and excel at everything that they do because of your leadership. But how do you build follower-ship? Well, contrary to what most people believe, others do not follow you because of the things that you have done or what you can do, but more so because of who you are being. And who you are being is only determined by knowing your values.

Values add character and substance to your personality, which in addition to your style, is what will drive how you use your leadership power. Good leadership demands self-discipline, which can only come from knowing your values and what you stand for. If you are in tune with what you believe, and also live by such beliefs; then what drives you is your character and not your emotions. And being character driven – that is the hallmark of a true leader.

Knowing your values also gives you precious insight into your strengths and your flaws. When you identify your own strengths and limitations, it is easy to recognize them in other people as well. This helps you, as a leader, to determine who is right for which task and motivating others to do the job right, which is what good leadership is all about.

Any work or deed which provides you with the chance to use your strengths and values will not only turn out to be highly successful, but will also give you utmost satisfaction and pleasure. Knowing your beliefs and values will help you to set your priorities and goals, which in turn will help you to express what you want from others, thus bringing about effective leadership. By identifying your principles and values, you can build standards for others to work by and follow, thus making you a good leader.

Effective use of leadership power can only begin when you can develop your own philosophy of leadership, for which, you need to understand your own values which drive your decisions. Once you have identified your values, you will be able to see clearly what drives you. Only after you can do this for yourself, can you expect to help other people realize their leadership potential – and that is truly rewarding for any powerful leader.

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