What are your results?

Women as LeadersWhat have you accomplished in the last 3 months? Do you review your progress toward improving your leadership skills and goals every quarter? Are you being accountable for your results?

Every leader should build a portfolio of their results. An artist, a photographer, a writer – people in these professions have a portfolio. A very visual portfolio. For career professionals, Leadership is your Art.

Do you have a portfolio? Begin now to pull one together. It’s simple.

My portfolio is in a 3 ring white binder labeled West Operations Business Portfolio. In this binder, you will find:

  • Sales charts demonstrating year over year growth
  • P&L statements of my best years
  • Employee Retention graphs
  • Accounts Receivable aging trends
  • Project summaries of volunteer work
  • Company vision and value statements
  • Feedback from employees
  • Testimonials from clients

It is very rewarding to update and review your portfolio every three months. It allows you to take a few moments to acknowledge your contribution and is a great opportunity to review your progress with your boss. Know what your results are – build your portfolio today!

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