Leadership Coaching

Strengthen your leadership talent. Engaging in one to one coaching assists you or your management member in thinking and leading in new ways – ways that may have been dismissed, feared or never discovered. We have found that meeting consistently over a period of time ensures that the leader and the coach build their relationship, uncover what is really important and enable the proper actions to deliver high impact results.

Coaching made a dramatic difference in my own leadership skills and delivery. I know the power of a great coach and the difference that can be achieved in obtaining and maintaining consistent results.

Discover our Leadership Development and Coaching Programs. . .

These dynamic programs will empower your leadership so there are no boundaries to what you can accomplish!

  • Have you ever thought of the long term impact of your leadership and the difference you can make in your life, the lives of others or your community?
  • How are you demonstrating your leadership success thus far? Are you being a courageous leader?
  • Have you ever thought that you are just surviving and wonder what it would be like to be thriving? To move your leadership from effectiveness to greatness?

One to One coaching is a minimum of a three-month commitment. The coach and leader use the first three sessions for building the relationship, setting the groundwork with assessments and the next 7-9 sessions for action on critical skill sets or goals. Face to face sessions are preferred with phone calls as necessary to talk through a particular problem or concern or celebrate a victory.

Learn how you can take action and enhance Leadership Development for yourself or your organization by taking a look at our coaching programs. Call Susan directly to schedule a complimentary coaching session and to discuss what it is you would like to accomplish from a coaching program.

Complimentary Coaching Session

There are many ways to reach me or you can just call me now at 248-689-2006 to schedule a complimentary coaching session to see if it is right for you.