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A Leadership Tip:

Clear the PAST… Let go of a mistake!
As you start off the New Year, find a moment to reflect on what is still nagging you on what went wrong in the last year. Did you mishandle an employee situation? Lose a big account? Get fired? Never finished that project? All of the above????

During your moment of reflection really feel it… get mad, get angry, grieve it. Then… FORGIVE yourself. You’re only human!!

“Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”
— Mahatma Gandhi

Current Events:

Here is a listing of our upcoming events including Group Coaching, Workshops, and Teleseminars.

January 10, 2012

Leadership Training – Private Client Workshop

January 24, 2012

Leadership Training – Private Client Workshop

February 15, 2012

Leadership Training – Private Client Workshop

Press Releases:

Here are our latest press releases and other announcements to keep you up to date.

June 20, 2006

Reading (and Writing) Your Way to Executive Leadership Success Is Only a Click Away
Do you ever wonder how other business executives approach effective communication, stress management and leadership development? Or maybe you think it is high time to start sharing your vast leadership knowledge and know-how with the world. Prominent career coach, business consultant and motivational speaker Susan West, is giving you an outlet. Read more here >>

April 17, 2006

Susan West launches her newest site: www.TheLeadershipResource.com
Susan knows first hand what is like to climb the corporate ladder. She knows the demands that leaders have placed on them today. Susan has pulled together all of her leadership resources together to create a one stop site full of valuable resources based on her experiences as she moved up the leadership ladder from a college graduate in training to President of a multimillion dollar business. A visit to The Leadership Resource is worth your time.

January 26, 2006

Managers Making Career Changes
Summary: Managers leave companies for a variety of reasons, from burned out to inadequate pay. With thoughtful planning, they can make a successful switch to an new career enhancing their leadership. Read more here >>