Are you bored with your current role?

Well are you? Now be honest!

I have come to learn that when I begin reading a lot and when I begin seeking out training courses, I am ready for a change. And usually a big one! That is how it has been for me since March of this year. I have been actively involved in several training courses and have read… let me count…11 books. Wow, I even surprised myself by how many I have read in a few short months time. I will have to share with you which ones are the best… check out

The training I have attended has been outstanding. The first course is a year-long course called Wisdom Unlimited. This course is about Transformation. I love how individual transformation allows you to take on and live at a new level of power and effectiveness. This course as Landmark Education describes “is designed for those interested in growth and development as an ongoing part of their lives. It is for those who want their lives to be as great as they can be, to live as productive members of a community, to grow in wisdom, to develop themselves in ways that open up new avenues of exploration in living full, contributing, and happy lives.”  And it is about “play—such as curiosity, wonderment, invention, and engagement – with the maturity and wisdom of adulthood.” This course has delivered on its objectives for me! Play and Contribution are very present for me at a whole new level.

More to come on the other training I have taken… but now I want to ask you a question? Are you bored? Are you looking to spark your own growth and development? Are you being the best leader you can be or are you ready to take your own development to a new level? What action are you going to take…

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