Are You Modeling Self-Empowerment?

When was the last time you said “I don’t know” in front of your employees? (Out loud so someone would hear it.)

When was the last time you shared something new that you learned? (Not acting as if you had known it all along.)

As a leader, we must model self-empowerment. This is a small step to creating an environment where not knowing everything and learning are accepted. I love hearing bosses tell their employees what they learned from a customer, co-worker or another employee, or what new tool they are using to improve their effectiveness. Employees then begin to wonder what they should be learning.

Just recently, I have begun learning sign language so I can more effectively communicate with the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. It is very exciting to be learning a new language and also very humbling to have to ask people to slow down and repeat the signs so I can understand. It shows my vulnerability; yet persistence. One of my employees has already come to me to discuss what she should be learning and figuring out what would be the next opportunity for her. She said you have me thinking in new ways about my own job.

Engaging employees to help direct their own development, take ownership in increasing their skills ultimately benefits the Company. So I ask you… what self-development are you participating in? How can you begin to model self-empowerment?

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