CEO of Gibson Guitar gives Commencement Speech

Henry Juszkiewicz, a 1976 graduate of GMI/Kettering University gave the commencement speech at my son’s graduation this month. Although having a quirky speaking style, I enjoyed the simple message he gave. Dr. Juszkiewicz spoke about three words: Goals, Passions and Decisions.

“Life is about a handful of critical decisions that will define you. How do you make those decisions?” He spoke of his own experience after graduating from GMI and beginning his career at GM. He spoke of setting goals as he left GMI to be the Top Leader, CEO and making a difference in a company. He spoke of… “wanting to be an entrepreneur. I want to buy a company. I walked toward entrepreneurial opportunities.” He spoke of being in a band since he was 10 and loving instruments and music.

“What decisions could I make to mix the two – Goals and Passions? Know yourself,” he told the graduates. “Most people when they are comfortable, they don’t look; They let it ride. They just ignore their passions and goals.” So when the opportunity for purchasing the faltering Gibson Guitar Corporation was presented, Henry Juszkiewicz knew he would take action and acquire the company. He was clear about his goals and knew his passions. The Critical Decision to buy Gibson Guitar was a way to mix the two – Goals and Passions.

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