Go "Green"

Are you an organic professional?

Paper or Plastic? Bottled Water or Tap Water?

We are all facing the “inconvenient truth” of diminishing natural resources on our planet. To that end, we must answer endless questions on a daily basis that impact the quality of our world and the quality of our lives. But the savvy and passionate leader should also look inward to see if there is a professional and personal conservation program in place. Are you renewing your own internal natural resources? Are your pursuits “organic” – i.e. naturally by, for, and about you?

By definition, organic means relating to, derived from, or occurring gradually and naturally without being forced or contrived. Think back to all those classmates who went to law school almost by default rather than by design. How many of them are practicing law now? If they are still in the legal profession, how many of them have achieved personal and professional satisfaction? Are they out in front leading the pack, or limping along bringing up the rear?

Some of our most courageous and passionate leaders are those who didn’t follow the map, but charted a singularly separate course, followed their heart, and blazed a trail that others only dreamed of. Author and former UPI White House Correspondent Helen Thomas is one of those whose life/career choices seem to be all home grown. After regaling a crowd at the Orange County Public Library in Orlando Florida recently with stories hewn from covering every sitting president since JFK, Helen Thomas closed her lecture with this: “Make your life worthwhile”. Her choices always have been straight from the heart and her successful career is the living legacy of her organic decisions.

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And what about you? Did you follow your natural inclinations or did you do what was expected? Did you allow yourself to grow and develop naturally or did you succumb to the corporate feed trough and devour everything placed in front of you regardless of whether you benefited in the long run. Passionate leaders understand the importance of nurturing values and skills. They respect that importance in themselves and those they mentor.

If we had all let our career seeds mature and grow naturally, perhaps we would all be successful, thriving passionate leaders. But just as with other living, breathing entities, sometimes nature throws us a curveball. If you have been with the same company for a number of years and in the same position, it is safe to say you might be experiencing a professional “drought”. Maybe a professional thunderstorm is in order! Just as a the floods from a monsoon often follows the path of least resistance, perhaps you have been missing out on some opportunities by not ever actually seeking a path at all! A passionate leader, just like a single blade of grass growing in the concrete sidewalk crack, will reach up as far and as high as present conditions allow. The passionate leader seizes the opportunity, large or small, and makes it memorable.

Passionate leaders also recognize the need to constantly replenish that which makes them thrive. Whether it is time off, a good book, a new project, or acquiring a new skill, most successful leaders would agree that ensuring the longevity of their own renewable resources is a key to their success. Tend to yourself just like a farmer tends to his crop.

Modern passionate leaders value success in the workplace, but also determine that value by its truth. Those who are true to themselves, whose personal and professional choices are organic, seem to have the courage of conviction to stay the course. The decisions you make from your heart are often the simplest to follow. Just like the tomato harvested from your own vine, is always the sweetest to eat!

Make sure all your intentions are organic – of, by, and for You!

Remember, it’s not nice to fool with Mother Nature!

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