Leadership Development: Taking Ownership

So many naysayers, so much negativity – with the political election campaigns and the uncertainty caused by the recession – it is easy to find yourself dwelling or drowning in all the negativity.

The worry grows from so many questions:
Who will lead our country, the good ole’ USA – can we regain our power?
Who is leading our financial institutions – can we trust our banks, stocks?

To the really personal questions:
What is my company’s management doing – will I have a job?
What do I need to survive – do I have enough savings?
When I am drowning with more work and fewer employees – how do I stay ahead of the game?

Day after day, I speak with employees and managers both who feel the burden of uncertainty and speak of being in a vicious circle, feeling out of control.

I recall the turmoil of feelings I experienced when I thought I was going to lose my job – it was awful! The letter came one day to my office. One of the owners of the company was unhappy with the actions I had taken in pursuing new business and stated in this letter that I was insubordinate and could lose my job as President. Several years ago now but the economy was almost as bad as today.

Wow, what do you do?

Cry, yell, scream, quit, bury my head and hope it is all a bad dream. . .

It was very difficult not to dwell in the negativity; it was hard to pull myself out of a funk and take action, seek support.

It was this very event that caused me to make a critical decision and take ownership of my career. I had to move on; I had to have a plan; I had to contribute in a way that others would value…

Let me assure you, there is a way out of all the negativity! You can get your life back and gain momentum once again.

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Let’s move beyond the negativity together,

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