Leadership Integrity

Every day, we all face moral and ethical dilemmas. These dilemmas may be as small as making it to work on time or as significant as keeping confidences shared in the workplace. The passionate leaders, because of their deeply ingrained values, default to decisions made with integrity. These decisions are rendered quickly and effectively because their moral and ethical compass points the way.

Passionate leaders live their lives with dignity and integrity. That translates into their professional lives seamlessly and effortlessly. It is not how they behave. It is not what they practice. It is who they are.

When asked about the role of the print media in modern American, Katharine Graham responded, “We are not here to be popular. We are here to be respected and above all, to be believed.” With Graham at the helm, the Washington Post was respected and believed and served as American’s moral compass during the turbulent post-Vietnam era. Graham firmly believed the coverage provided by her newspaper should not be influenced by government nor intimidated by bureaucracy. The Washington Post was a bastion of journalistic integrity and set the bar for their competitors. Katharine Graham was a passionate leader whose personal integrity dictated her professional decisions as well.

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