Leadership: My Hope for Obama

The election is over. Hooray! The language of political elections, mostly the rhetoric and the constant slams of the opponent, drives me crazy. Negativity is something I avidly try to avoid.

Now, however, our nation plans for change. Our first Black American President – a historic moment many thought was years off and now is a reality. With each newly elected President there is a new level of anticipation. President-elect Obama will now be selecting his team; reaffirming goals and setting milestones for execution of his plan. He has a little over 2 months for further preparation. I can only imagine the action list and delegation activities he will oversee.

My hope for him, as with any new executive, is that he:
1) selects his team well, finding the value in diversity of opinions and styles;
2) sets the expectations for their performance and communicates these expectations for clear understanding;
3) shares an inspiring and motivating vision for all to align; and
4) is clear about his values and knows how to stay grounded as the challanges of our times will demand much of him.

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