Leadership Tip 1 for Managing Difficult Times

So times are difficult! Your energy level and your commitment maybe wavering between why should I bother and it won’t make a difference anyway. Let me offer 7 Leadership Tips for Managing Difficult Times.

Difficult times are when we can be noticed; when new opportunities can show up without us even asking for them; when we get challenged to step our leadership abilities to a new level. Over the next seven days, I will be presenting one tip a day to get you thinking.

Here is the first one:

Slow Down – but Never Lose Momentum…

Difficult economic times typically result in a tumultuous work environment. There may be belt-tightening that includes layoffs, outsourcing, and the demand for increased efficiency. All of these changes can combine to undermine the productivity of your workforce. Direct reports may begin to lose confidence in the leadership of the organization. Empowered leaders will immediately recognize a need to adapt their pace to the demands facing them. This may require you to put some projects and promotions on a back burner until the economic ship rights itself.

That being said, it is critical to maintain momentum in your department and in your career.

You may be required to jog instead of run, but you still need to keep moving forward, as do your direct reports. Your grand successes may be achieved later rather than sooner, but passionate leaders never forget or sacrifice the ultimate goal. Be forthcoming with your direct reports. They will reward your trust with continued productivity at a pace that best reflects the changing times.

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