Leadership Tip 2 for Managing Difficult Times

This is Leadership Tip 2 of 7 Leadership Tips for Managing Difficult Times.

Open Up! – Not Just Your Ears, but Your Heart and Your Mind as well

Most modern companies have found success by constantly tweaking their tried and true methods until they developed the most productive and efficient way to create their deliverable. However, in difficult economic times, companies are often required to become leaner without sacrificing quality. Typically, leaders have been promoted into their roles because of their ability to understand the requirements at that level and implement strategies to maintain the expected growth. During economic downturns, strategic management becomes a critical component for survival. While it is expected that passionate leaders will trust their instincts and judgment, it is also clear that those workers in the “trenches” may be the best untapped resource in any company.

Passionate leaders will always listen to their heart, but brilliant passionate leaders will appreciate what those who do the job every day have to say about streamlining and efficiency. It is widely recognized that active listening is a critical leadership skill, but it is not enough just to listen. Leaders who excel listen, assimilate, and learn – even when it means discarding the tried and true methodology for something radically different. Be brave enough to embrace ideas that come from the bottom up rather than just those from the top down.

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