Leadership Tip 3 for Managing Difficult Times

This is Leadership Tip 3 of 7 Leadership Tips for Managing Difficult Times.

Be Patient Without Sacrificing Your Will to Succeed

It is a natural human inclination to want to jump off of the perceived “sinking ship” in order to survive. As we see friends, colleagues, and departments leave or be forced out, often our own reaction is to flee as well. However, your patience in hard times may be rewarded with something even better once the storm blows over and prosperity returns. Ancient mariners caught in blustery weather on the open seas would often drop cargo to lighten their load and then trim the sails in order to maintain control of their vessel. Corporate downsizing is a similar type of survival technique. We mere mortals can’t hurry up a storm. The best we can do is batten down our hatches, prepare to weather the storm, and patiently wait for the sky to clear. The good news is that no storm lasts forever, just as no economic slowdown lasts forever. Those patient enough to ride out the economic storm with a cautious and conservative survival plan, will be recognized for their inspired leadership once the fiscal blue skies return.

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