Leadership Tip 4 for Managing Difficult Times

This is Leadership Tip 4 of 7 Leadership Tips for Managing Difficult Times.

Be Willing to Forego Your Popularity

Adulation is an intoxicating elixir. It is so empowering, that it often masks the symptoms of bad leadership and can make uncovering a problem almost impossible. But popularity should never be mistaken for success. Impassioned leaders almost always enjoy the admiration of those within their sphere of influence, but they never let popularity enter into decision-making. These leaders are willing to give up short-lived success for long-term gain, even if their own popularity suffers, because they recognize the fleeting nature of popularity vs. the sustainability of professional achievement. During an economic downturn, leaders are often tasked with making difficult and unpopular but necessary decisions in order to sustain the viability of a business entity. A modern, compassionate leader will make these decisions confidently and fully cognizant of the immediate impact on the organization. But that same passionate leader will never be guided by short-sighted principles of popularity rather than the strategic visionary plan necessary for sustained success.

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