Leadership Tip 5 for Managing Difficult Times

This is Leadership Tip 5 of 7 Leadership Tips for Managing Difficult Times.

Stay Visible (Ostriches Not Welcome)

Some of the darkest times endured during modern history were the days and weeks and years that marked WWII. But Americans’ spirits were buoyed by the regular and frequent communication of then-President Franklin D. Roosevelt. These “fireside chats” as the radio broadcasts came to be called, provided the public with updates and information and they also took comfort from hearing this information straight from the most influential leader on the planet. When darkness prevails, a leader will emerge as the beacon of light.

Passionate leaders during economic depressions will also recognize the same kind of darkness and make themselves visible and available. They will be willing to field questions and to honestly answer anything – even if that means admitting they don’t know the answer. The fearlessness and confidence on display when business leaders are accessible becomes contagious and eventually permeates throughout the company. Regular and frequent communication from leaders will also fill a void that if left unattended, will ultimately be filled by rumor, gossip, and innuendo. An authoritative and confident voice can help lead companies through dark economic times by keeping the focus on staying afloat until prosperity returns. Passionate leaders are encouraged to borrow the mantra of FDR that “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

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