Leadership Tip 7 for Managing Difficult Times

This is Leadership Tip 7 of 7 Leadership Tips for Managing Difficult Times.

Stay Focused!

One of the most important notions for anyone to embrace is that life is a marathon. Steady, incremental progress will ensure success. Empowered leaders recognize that even an economic downturn is not a signal that the race is over. Instead, it could be viewed as the proverbial “Heartbreak Hill” in the marathon of life. Heartbreak Hill is legendary among distance runners as it is a ½ mile long incline that occurs in the Boston Marathon just after runners pass the 20 mile mark of this epic 26.2 mile event. Even the smallest incline seems insurmountable after completing 20 miles, but in order to finish, Heartbreak Hill must be conquered. Inspired, passionate leaders always encounter their own personal Heartbreak Hill somewhere along their corporate journey. Even with all available outside support, the effort required at that point comes from somewhere deep inside. Passionate, assertive, confident leaders find the wherewithal required to prevail even during the toughest of times. When the light is the dimmest, when the hill is the steepest, the passionate leader will find the warrior within and stay focused on the finish!

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