Most Important to You as a Leader

The response to the Leadership survey was tremendous. I have been reading through all your comments and organizing the data. When ranking your interest in these four topics, the responses of  “most interested to least interested” were as follows:


  1. Personal Development – self improvement, training, workshops
  2. Work/Life Balance – demands of family/personal needs versus your job
  3. Career Advancement – transfers, promotions, lateral moves
  4. Career Change – changing jobs or fields, losing your job


Other topics you told me you are interested in included:


“Spiritual development”, “Running my own small business”, “Bringing out the best
from a work colleague”, “Selling skills”, “Management of ethics”… to state just a few.


Sounds like we are going to have alot to talk about over the next few months 🙂


More to come on the Leadership Survey Results…

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