New Leader Graduates

My son, Mark graduated Magna Cum Laude from Kettering University with a Bachelor of Science Mechanical Engineering degree this weekend. Am I proud Mom? You bet!

Mark has worked hard for this degree establishing a plan in 9th grade when he declared he wanted to attend the GM Technical Academy in High School; attend Kettering University and be a Co-op student with General Motors (which he has been for the last 4 years). And now he has achieved his goal; his leadership vision became reality.

So what’s next Mark? Well, to begin he starts work with General Motors in January. He was delighted to receive a great offer from the troubled automaker and looks forward to contributing to GM’s comeback in his area of expertise. As a GM family for years (my grandfather worked for GM Truck and Bus; I started with Fisher Body right out of college and owning a Cadillac CTS, Pontiac G8 and GTO), we are all cheering for Mark’s success with his new employer!

Good luck to Mark and his college buddies, Cory, Adam, Tyler and Mike! Great job guys!

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