Non Profit Leadership

Today I was notified that I am the newly elected President of the Automotive Women’s Alliance Foundation (AWAF). I  am honored to have this opportunity to lead this non profit organization which has a mission I am committed to. AWAF is a professional organization dedicated to the advancement of women in the global automotive industry.  Since  my whole career advancement has been in the  Automotive industry, I have a strong interest in promoting women in the Automotive industry especially during these tough economic times some of the major automotive companies are experiencing. I want to see women contribute and grow in their influence in this industry.

One of the greatest contributions AWAF makes every year is providing scholarships to college and professional women who are pursuing a career in an automotive related field.

As the newly elected President, I am proud to step into this leadership position. My focus will be in three areas:
1) Strategic Planning – facilitating the Board to define the top five strategic objectives and defining the major milestones, champions and action steps for accomplishment.
2) Working with the Team – supporting each Board member and Chair to ensure they know what is expected of them and that they have the proper resources to succeed.
3) Leadership Role – representing AWAF at every event and actively asking others to join us in our mission to  advance women in  the global  automotive  industry.

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