Stretch To Reduce Stress

Simple Stretches
By Steve DeLongchamp

The best to you who strive to improve. You are already leaders.

We are at a time when we need vital, strong, healthy leaders, leaders of all types, in all walks of life, and especially all ages. When I’m running a big job my biggest challenge is leaving the stress from my job at work. We all get rattled. We all have days when our biorhythms are down, and we get up and go anyway. Leadership is about handling stressful situations and moving forward. “Shedding the effects of stress” is today’s wellness tip. Some simple stretches are invaluable and quick.

Because a body in motion tends to stay in motion, we have to act on our body which is at rest every morning and put it in motion as part of our daily preparation. What do you do to get yourself in motion? After you get your 7-8 hours of peaceful sleep. Right! Nod your head and say uhuh. Let’s leave that for another day. This is not my healthy wealthy and wise lecture. This is my object in motion message. Whatever you do to get out of bed, do that, and tomorrow squeeze in a two minute routine, 4 easy stretches. Just as breakfast sets the pace of your metabolism each day, a few nonconfrontational stretches will be your neurowakening. You know, wake your muscles up, get the blood pumping, oxygenation, all that. I usually get a great yawn out of it too.

Bob and Jean Anderson wrote a book called, “Stretching”. It is one of the most popular fitness books of all time. It’s been translated into 27 languages, probably more by now. In the introduction Bob points out many of the benefits of stretching. Part of what he says is, “Millions of people have discovered the benefits of movement… Many recent studies have shown that active people lead fuller lives. They have more stamina, resist illness,and stay trim. They have more self confidence, are less depressed, and often, even late in life are still working energetically on new projects”. There you have it. That’s you right?

It’s a great book to have. A nice gift for the person who has everything. He even puts together groups of stretches for specific activities.

Here’s a routine I use. I got it from a doctor years ago. I love it. If you’re not already a stretcher, do the first four. You will like the way you feel. Stretching Routine for Relaxation

Please understand, stretching is done to your comfort level. Pain means something is wrong. It’s an ingenious signaling device isn’t it? Pushing to get more out of a stretch is good. It moves you forward. If you start to feel pain back off. Ease into it. Do not bounce into a stretch. It could cause damage. Just press and hold and breath. Remember. Wellness is measured by the abundance of vitality!

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