What Leadership Lessons Can Be Learned from Tiger Woods' latest actions?

Tiger Woods has been referred to as the CEO of Golf. He has been on “Leader Boards” countless times demonstrating his ability, skill and knowledge in the game of golf. He is a household name with children and adults alike in awe of his achievements. Now what…

Tiger’s public stature is being ridiculed by the exposure of his private life transgressions… from the first billionaire sports champion with multimillion dollar sponsorships to an embarrassed, humiliated, laughing stock and the brunt of thousands of jokes. We have heard of Tiger’s professional coaches. Did he have a Leadership Coach? An individual that assisted him with integrating both his professional and personal life so he could balance it all and lead in all areas of his life… doesn’t look like it.

So what can we learn from Tiger Woods now? Here’s what Warren Bennis, University Professor and Distinguished Professor of Business at the University of Southern California, and Founding chair of The Leadership Institute has to say in his article titled Four Leadership Lessons.

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