What leadership tips would you love to give our new President?

If you are wondering how Madeleine Albright feels about the Bush administration and our place in the current global setting, just pick up a copy of her latest book, Memo to the President Elect: How We Can Restore America’s Reputation and Leadership.  Former Secretary Albright speaks forcefully and authoritatively in her new book, directed at whomever we vote into the presidency later this year. 


In addition to delivering a scathing critique of the current administration, Albright gives a few insights into her own rise to power.  But her greatest contribution comes via the insights she offers based on her years of international service. She shares her lessons learned as an executive leader in world affairs.  The knowledge and experience gained as our Secretary of State for President Bill Clinton, as well as her tenure at the UN serve her well as she dissects global politics.   This book serves as a primer for those who are aware of our role in international politics but can’t seem to tie together all the loose ends.  Albright is a great teacher, but an even better patriot.   She implores our next president to act with intelligence, compassion and authority to return the United States to our rightful position as a global leader.


I truly enjoyed reading this book! Claim your own copy here – Memo to the President Elect


And if you would love to read more about Ms. Albright, visit the World Leaders Biography I wrote – Madeleine Albright

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