A Valuable Resource – Women-Drivers.com

Two weeks ago tonight, I met a new friend, Anne Fleming. Anne is the founder of Women-Drivers.com
a resource dedicated to providing women drivers with valuable information to assist them in purchasing a vehicle. She wants to revolutionize the experience women have at dealerships and is collecting information on womens’ satisfaction and women-friendly dealerships.

I asked Anne how from a background in market research, retailing and product management and marketing, she found herself in the Automotive space. She shared that when she had purchased a new car herself, she without realizing it, had “given her power away.” Just as this simple comment made me say sit straighter and wonder how many times have I done this, it inspired Anne into action.

How many other women were giving their power away, their negotiating power, by not having enough information to be prepared or to select the people they would like to do business with? A new idea born! Anne with her background in retail and market research set off on a new endeavor put her knowledge and skills to great use creating Women-Drivers.com

I encourage you to visit Anne’s webpage, peruse the valuable information, share your dealership experiences and checkout the personality test. It is fun – I am a Bold Babe. What are you?

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