Young Leadership – Turning 18!

James WestToday my son, James, turned 18. Hard to believe my baby boy is now a handsome young man. Where did the time go? 18 years and I wonder what has he learned from me. Some days, I think he has learned nothing from me, I am not even sure he is mine. The temper shows in loud disagreements, the language is unbelieveable and the logic – well, it just went out the window! Then there are other days, I am so proud and feel so blessed to have a son like him. The courtesy shown to others, the amazing ideas and the commitment and discipline to goals is just outstanding!

As a parent, you do your parenting, guiding, coaching and leading day by day. You hope you are building a solid foundation for your child to grow from. Yet in these teenage years the results do not show up consistently – so I do not know about you  – but that’s were my faith in my leadership experience in business, volunteer organizations and coaching others helps to pull me through.

So today, as I think on my contribution as a Mom to my son’s life, I can tell you this:

I know I have done my best even with the mistakes

I know I have learned and will continue to learn from him and have told him so

I know my faith and my patience will still be tested

I know he has already demonstrated leadership strength and will continue to build on the foundation I provided

I love him dearly – Happy Birthday, James!

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