Young Leadership – Turning 21!

Mark WestToday, my oldest son Mark turns 21! Hard to believe my baby is a legal adult with all the responsibilities that come with this milestone age. As I sit here in beautiful Playa del Carmen on our family vacation, I have alot of time to reflect on how he has grown into a wonderful young man. Yes, I am biased of course but I see many young people and not all of them have the drive, determination and clarity of focus that Mark demonstrates.

Mark knew as a freshman in High School that he wanted to be an Engineer. He set goals and took actions that supported his goals. Here he is graduating a few years back from the General Motors Technical Academy as a senior in High School. He decided on taking this course where you actually learn from GM Engineers, work on GM projects, present to GM staff and must be project deadlines. It was a tremendous experience for him and set the stage for him to attend Kettering University where he is now a Junior in the Mechanical Engineering program.

Mark works for General Motors as a Co-op Student. It is great fun to have him come home from a day’s work and talk about his experiences – a new boss, a long drawn out meeting with no focus, learning new systems, meeting new co-workers and many others. He has a great attitiude and looks for opportunities to contribute.

I am happy to be his Mom – Happy Birthday, Mark!


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