Leadership in 2009

Are you glad 2008 is over? Ready to move on…
I am sure that Rick Wagner, GM CEO, Henry Paulson, Treasury Secretary, Angelo Mozilo, Former Countrywide CEO – just to name a few well known folks representing leadership in the workplace – are ready to move on!

2008 was definitely a year full of examples of misguided leadership. You can read more about the 21 Dumbest Moments in Business if you are really interested in learning from what not to do. These few individuals, mostly the Auto Execs and our US Senators, have led to some lively conversations with my family and with friends. Many of my business associates and good friends (including my son who coops for GM) are directly feeling the impact of the credit crunch and the automotive companies’ ills.

I always ask my clients and team members to reflect on the previous year – take a moment to reflect on both the breakdowns and the breakthroughs. What did you learn? What would you do differently? What did you accomplish that you are most proud of? I encourage you to take a moment and jot down a few reflections.

This time of year always represents a time for a fresh perspective. I take the time to look at the big picture… how am I doing on progress to my five year goals? Do I need to do some tweaking? Do I want to add any new or totally eliminate a goal that no longer has any meaning? This is the one thing I love about my goal setting – their mine and I can do anything I want with them. Having goals in place settles me, gives me a feeling of knowing where I am going … and yet I know I can change them. My crystal ball isn’t always clear and so I can chuckle at myself when I look at a goal and say “Geez, what planet was I on when I set that one!”

Are you looking forward to 2009?
I am. And being a loyal stockholder, employee, supplier and buyer of General Motors vehicles (GM was my first employer after college, my grandfather worked for GM Truck and Bus and my son now works there), I pray that GM and the US automotive leaders step up to the kind of leadership that is required for what needs to be done in 2009. My thoughts and prayers go to all of those who are being affected by our economic dynamics. It is my hope that Rick Wagner, Henry Paulson, Barack OBama and their teams are looking forward to 2009 and are up for the challenges that demand great leadership.

Happy New Year!

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